STEP - Stabilization, Transition, and Emergency Prevention

Laramie Interfaith's STEP program builds skills for stability. Attend 3 classes over 3 months, meet regularly with case managers. Join now at 712 Canby St or call 307-742-4240.

STEP - Stabilization, Transition, and Emergency Prevention

The Next STEP

Laramie Interfaith is proud to present STEP: a 3-month program designed to help you build the foundational skills you need to take the next step towards stability. We’re partnering with community leaders to teach 3 classes: financial education and budgeting, job prep and resume building, and a mental health and wellness seminar.

The Journey

This is what you can expect during the application process:

1. Submit your application

You’ll need to complete and submit our intake forms, provide your lease (signed by both you and your landlord), and provide any income (or lack of) documentation.

2. Eligibility

A case manager will evaluate your intake forms for eligibility (determined by our grant funding). They’ll then give you a call: either to inform you of ineligibility or to schedule an intake appointment.

3. Acceptance Interview

a. At your appointment, your case manager will ask you a few questions about why you’d like to join the program and will go over the details of the classes like meeting times and requirements. You’ll be provided with a welcome packet with all the information you’ll need to start, and your case manager will help you complete your first budget form.

b. If you’re behind on rent and bills, your case manager will evaluate the situation to see how we can help. When you’re accepted into STEP, Laramie Interfaith will use our funding to pay half of your rent every month for the length of the program (contingent on class attendance, task completion, and income eligibility).

4. The Program

a. The program is a total of 3 months and includes 3 classes taught by community partners and 4 total meetings with your case manager. Your case manager will ask you to keep a monthly budget and to attend check-in meetings after every class. We’re here for you during every step of the process.

b. After the program, we’ll ask you to complete a total of two surveys over the phone, just to evaluate how you’re doing and to evaluate how effective you thought the program was.

Interested? Give us a call at 307-742-4240, option 1 and leave a message.  


Clients will attend 3 class sessions over the course of the program: Financial Education and Budgeting, Job Prep and Resume Building, and Mental Health and Wellness. Our instructors are Laramie locals and experts in their fields.


If you’re interested in applying, drop by our front desk at 712 Canby Street for an application packet. If you have questions about this program, give us a call at 307-742-4240, select option 1, and leave us a message.


STEP is a way for you to take control of your stability. We’ll help you get your feet under you while you attend classes, and you’ll be able to take the time you need to work on developing your financial and budgeting skills, create a resume and learn about the services available to you for job prep, and you’ll

learn some basic mental health techniques and attend a health resource seminar. Take the next STEP into a stable life.

Interested? Give us a call at 307-742-4240, option 1 and leave a voicemail

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