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Since its inception, our non-profit has continuously established new partnerships, new projects, and grown in various other capacities to continue our mission.

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Our Mission

The mission of Laramie Interfaith is to work alongside our partners and neighbors in preventing and alleviating homelessness and food insecurity.

Our story


Initially established at the behest of Shirly Denham and Migon Hill, Laramie Interfaith (originally known as Interfaith-Good Samaritan) has acted as a central hub for providing Laramie residents with assistance for the past three decades.

Since its inception, our non-profit has continuously established new partnerships, new projects and grown in various other capacities. Soon after its formation, Interfaith moved into a shared building with the Salvation Army. Thanks to that, Interfaith was able to afford regular operating procedures, eventually becoming a member of United Way in 1991. These initial partnerships helped Laramie Interfaith to grow into a multi-service organization that has continued to expand its programming ever since.

By the end of the 20th century, Interfaith had hired its first part-time director, and moved from its workspace with the Salvation Army to a small office in the Civic Center. Our organization had become a valuable member of the Laramie community, a fact that would contribute to our growth in capacity. From 1992 through to today, Laramie Interfaith has more than quadrupled its operating budget. Initially working with only twenty-five to thirty volunteers, our non-profit now hosts over 200 volunteers. The continued community support and donations of time and money have helped Interfaith continue its work in preventing homelessness and food insecurity in Albany County.

In 2019 Interfaith was able to once again upgrade its operating location. We moved into our own building, located at 712 Canby St. across the street from LaBonte Park! In doing so, we mean to advance the mission of Laramie Interfaith as an interorganizational team working to help as many needy families as possible in the Laramie community.

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Our staff is made up of community members who care. We work hard to make sure that the needs of our community are provided for.

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Our Board Members

Laramie Interfaith provides a means for our community to help neighbors meet their basic needs.

Michelle Holmes


Jim Ninnemann

Vice President

Trish Nichols


Aaron Tomisich
Jo Carol Ropp
Lisa McElwee

Chris Aneiros
Joe Shumway
Sue Sandeen

Daniel Minton
Johnathan Scozzafava
Warren Greaser