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Can I access the main food pantry on TEFAP distribution days?
Can I donate expired food?
Can I get help with rent and/or utilities?
Can I receive pet food or hygiene items from the food pantry?
Can I request a specific food item?
Can you help with transportation?
Do I need to sign up for TEFAP?
How do I get a motel voucher?
How do I get help through the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP)?
How do I make a monetary donation?
How do I receive TEFAP items?
How do I sign up to volunteer?
How old do I have to be to volunteer?
I need to complete community service hours, can I do that with Laramie Interfaith?
What are the income restrictions for TEFAP?
What are your hours?
What donation items are needed most?
What food items can you accept for donation?
What if I have dietary considerations (diabetic, allergies, etc.)?
What is TEFAP?
What is a Link2Feed and do I need one?
What items are not accepted as donations?
What non-food items can you accept for donations?
What should I expect if I need Laramie Interfaith services?
What types of food typically come for TEFAP?
What types of things do volunteers do?
When are TEFAP distributions?
When are walk-in hours?
When can I donate food pantry items?
Who can access the food pantry?
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