Who We Are

We are a non-profit organization that houses a food pantry, offers rental and utilities assistance requests and provides transitional housing in Laramie, WY.

Our Story

 Interfaith-Good Samaritan has been an evolving part of the Laramie community fabric since its
official certification in January of 1988. Initially established at the behest of Shirly Denham and
Migon Hill, Interfaith-Good Samaritan has acted as a central hub for providing Laramie residence
with assistance for the past three decades. Since its inception, our non-profit has continuously
establishing new partnerships, new projects and generally grown in capacity.
Although donations from national and local Church Women United organizations were initially
given directly to needy families, it wasn’t long after official certification that the interfaith family
partnered with the salvation army and move into its first workspace. With this advantage interfaith
was able to afford regular operating procedures, eventually becoming a member of United Way in
1991. These initial partnerships helped Interfaith-Good Samaritan to grow into a multi-service
an organization who, despite a budget of only $54,352 in 1992, has consistently grown and provided
care for needy families in Laramie.
By the end of the 20th century, Interfaith had hired its first part-time director, begun establishing
annual events like the Hunger Walk, and moved from its workspace with the Salvation Army to a
small office in the Civic Center. Our family had become a valuable member of the Laramie
community, a fact that would contribute to our growth in capacity. From 1992 through to today
Interfaith-Good Samaritan has more than quadrupled its operating budget. Initially working with
only twenty-five to thirty volunteers, our non-profit now hosts up to 150 volunteers. In 2009
Interfaith received $20,000 from the Albany County Medical Fund and began providing medical,
dental and pharmaceutical assistance to clients. That number has grown to $28, 000 since then.
Interfaith has receive funding for housing assistance as well and continues to innovate even today.
In fact, in early 2019 Interfaith was able to once again upgrade its operating location. Today, under
the leadership of Mike Vercauteren Interfaith-Good Samaritan operates out of 712 Canby. In doing
so we mean to advance the mission of Interfaith-Good Samaritan as an inter-organizational team
working to help as many needy families as possible in the Laramie community.

Our Mission

Laramie Interfaith provides a means

for our community to help neighbors

meet their basic needs.

Food Pantry
Albany County has the highest food insecurity rate in Wyoming. That means more than 6000 people in
Albany County do not have access to nutritious food and Laramie Interfaith is dedicated to changing

Emergency Shelter
It’s cold in Laramie and whether people are between apartments, travelers running into bad luck, or
escaping an unhealthy relationship, Laramie Interfaith provides secure and safe lodging.

Access to just about every community service and economic progress—jobs, quality food, healthcare,
and schools — relies on the ability to get around in an efficient, and affordable manner.

Laramie Interfaith is committed to reducing the likelihood that one of our neighbors will experience


Unemployment and underemployment are challenging in many ways, but receiving a disconnect notice in the middle of winter can be a threatening and terrifying experience.

There is no higher calling than when a person gives his or her own knowledge, skills, time or resources to someone in need of help or comfort.

We appreciate your support!

Here are some ways you can donate


You can write a check made out to Laramie Interfaith.

Mail it to 712 E Canby St. or drop it off in person!


It's easy to donate online as well! Click on the donate button at the top right of the screen, or using the button below. Either will bring you to our PayPal page!


We also accept cash donations, which can be  dropped off in person or mailed to us at

712 E Canby St. 

Reach Out

Questions? Concerns? Didn't find the information you were looking for? Reach out! We are happy to help in anyway we can!

Address: 712 Canby St. Laramie, WY

Phone: 307-742-4240

Registered Charity: 12345-67

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