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Case Manager

Leann Hatcher

Contact Leann with any rental or utilities assistance requests. 

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Case Manager

Jake Weinzierl

Contact Jake with any rental or utilities assistance requests.

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Pantry Manager

Brenda Hanlon

Contact Brenda with any food pantry inquiries.

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Office Manager

Jeigh Baldwin

Contact Jeigh with any administrative or financial questions.

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Marketing and Outreach Coordinator

Abby Melbye

Contact Abby with any volunteering, fundraising or marketing questions.

If you have any questions, please call us at (307) 742-4240 or visit us in person at 712 Canby St.
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Address: 712 Canby St. Laramie, WY

Phone: 307-742-4240

Registered Charity: 12345-67

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