Rental Assistance

Who qualifies for Rental Assistance?

Anyone who finds themselves in need of assistance is welcome to come in and request help. There are many reasons why people apply for Rental Assistance. Whether they are behind on rent, between jobs or hindered by unexpected expenses, we will do their best to help out who we can.

How do you apply for Rental Assistance?

Call and set up an appointment to sit down with us and discuss your situation. We are available to help you fill out the paperwork necessary to apply. Please bring relevant documents to your appointment (eviction notices, past due notices, etc.)

When will you find out if you have received aid?

Every Friday morning the Review Board discusses the requests that we have received that week and decide who we are able to help. Please reach out Friday after 1pm to find out if you have been granted the money you have requested. Unfortunately, the amount of money needed to help everyone is always greater than the money we have available from our funding partners and therefore we cannot guarantee aid to everyone.